The DOG PARK at White Rock Lake
is Dallas' FIRST City Dog Park 
and was established in June 2001
Hours are 5 am to 11 pm

Closed every MONDAY for maintenance.
The Dog Park is having a "MY FURRY VALENTINE" event on SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 14th. We are having a t-shirt design contest and the winning shirt will be revealed at the event! Proceeds will raise money for additional improvements to the park.

Dallas Observer recognizes the Mockingbird Dog Park ....




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NO dogs under 6 months of age.  
No UNSTERILIZED dogs in either park.
No UNVACCINATED dogs at the park.
Do not bring food/treats into the park.

Puppies who have not had all three rounds of their puppy boosters are NOT protected against contagious viruses like PARVO, DISTEMPER, HEPATITIS and LEPTOSPIROSIS. They can also contract intestinal parasites if they are not on a Heartworm preventative with a parasite preventative element. Their little bodies cannot fight these infections if they are exposed to these illnesses and parasites.

ALL dogs MUST BE STERILIZED or have a special permit/tag for an intact dog.
ALL dogs must be wearing tags including city registration.

There is a county wide outbreak of Parvo and Distemper.
Rabies has been found in area skunks as well.

DON'T RISK IT!! as well as risk the lives of the other animals at the park!

  1. One of the dog waste bag stations will be moved from the end of the parking lot (by the portable toilets) to the open area near the water access area.
  2. The City will be checking refilling the bag stations EVERY Friday and Monday now.
  3. The City will donate boxes of bags and the group will be refilling them more frequently than just Friday's and Monday's.
  4. Heavy rains will ALWAYS close the park the day of the rain as well as the next day. The park needs to DRAIN and DRY prior to reopening. Dogs and people on soggy turf will damage turf and will required resodding. Note that the City has the final decision on park closures and this is done without notice. Call (214) 671-8001 for updates.

Repairs are currently underway for the gate hardware. Upgrades are constantly underway.

THE DOG PARK IS CLOSED EVERY MONDAY for cleaning. Note that "occasionally" it will be opened up after cleaning has concluded. Note that this time will vary greatly week to week.

Each Monday, maintenance staff performs routine maintenance (mowing, forestry, litter pick-up, refilling of pet waster bags, etc.), then reopens the dog park after the work is complete. There are cases that required an all-day closure on Mondays for enhanced maintenance. This is also the case when the park gets a lot of rain. The turf is in poor condition and requires additional maintenance by staff which includes irrigating, aerating and RESTING. Allowing dogs on over saturated turf will also result in damage to this turf.

After a heavy rain, count on the park being closed at least one additional day.

$900,000 in Dog Park improvements were passed with a unanimous vote by City Council on January 8th, 2014!!

 Construction Items that were approved:
  - Increase Large Dog Park from 1.5 to 2 acres  
  - Increase Small Dog Park from 0.5 to 1 acre  
  - Grading and Drainage upgrades  
  - Additional entry to Dog Parks from Hike and Bike Trail  
  - Concrete sidewalk path within each park  
  - Irrigation System  
  - 2 Drinking Fountains  
  - 5 Pet Waste Stations with Trash Cans  
  - 5 Benches on Pads  
  - Ornamental Fence in large Dog Park - 1,256 linear feet  
  - Ornamental Fence in small Dog Park - 800 linear feet with puppy panel  
  - 45 Trees in both Parks  
  - Lighting in Both Parks and in Parking Lot  
  - DOG LAUNCH in water area  
DID YOU KNOW? The Mockingbird Point Off-Leash Dog Park was formally opened to the public on Friday, June 8th, 2001 in a ceremoney featuring Texas Rangers baseball legend Nolan Ryan.
          For more information
email: info@whiterockdogpark.org