The DOG PARK at White Rock Lake is
Dallas' FIRST City Dog Park 
and was established in June 2001

The Mockingbird Dog Park is closed until (tentatively) END OF MAY 2015!

Check back for updates ............


New water access point .......  

UPDATE for Dog Park Improvements! Posted 05/11/2015


There has been much talk, and we are ALL getting antsy about when our WHITE ROCK DOG PARK will be open again!!

UPDATE: Tentative date for reopening is MAY 30th, 2015 with ceremonies sometime during 10 am to Noon.

Note that this could still change due to weather delays and continued work on the various park areas.

GOOD NEWS: The Park is the beneficiary of an additional funding amount of $168,000!! With these funds, the following additional items can be added to the Park:

- A pavilion     - 6 shade structures    - Re-grading/resurfacing the gravel parking lot

This take us so much closer to the actual design of the refurbished park!

When all this is done - the grass will have to be reset in some areas and allowed about two months to take root before people/pups can play on it.

The Parks and Recreation Board will go to the City Council on February 25th with "change orders" to be able to do the items listed above. Remember - it always takes time for the City to work through all their channels .....

That's all the news we have so far !!!!

$900,000 in Dog Park improvements were passed with a unanimous vote by City Council on January 8th, 2014!!

 Construction Items that were approved:
  - Increase Large Dog Park from 1.5 to 2 acres  
  - Increase Small Dog Park from 0.5 to 1 acre  
  - Grading and Drainage upgrades  
  - Additional entry to Dog Parks from Hike and Bike Trail  
  - Concrete sidewalk path within each park  
  - Irrigation System  
  - 2 Drinking Fountains  
  - 5 Pet Waste Stations with Trash Cans  
  - 5 Benches on Pads  
  - Ornamental Fence in large Dog Park - 1,256 linear feet  
  - Ornamental Fence in small Dog Park - 800 linear feet with puppy panel  
  - 45 Trees in both Parks  
  - Lighting in Both Parks and in Parking Lot  
  - DOG LAUNCH in water area  

DID YOU KNOW? The Mockingbird Point Off-Leash Dog Park was formally opened to the public on Friday, June 8th, 2001 in a ceremoney featuring Texas Rangers baseball legend Nolan Ryan.
          For more information
email: info@whiterockdogpark.org